Premature Ejaculation Treatment


-Premature Ejaculation Treatment-


Premature ejaculation can be defined as ejaculating before either partner achieves satisfaction in a sexual experience. While premature ejaculation is rarely a serious medical problem, it can have a profound impact on the relationship. Although it is estimated that as many as one in three men will experience this problem, most are too embarrassed or ashamed to talk to their doctors about the issue.

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Causes of Premature Ejaculation  


There are many potential reasons that premature ejaculation occurs. These might include:

  • Psychological Issues - You might be affected by early sexual experiences that resulted in hiding sexual acts or guilt related to them. Premature ejaculation can also cause anxiety in the bedroom, which can exacerbate the problem. Relationship tension can lead to premature ejaculation as well.
  • Sexual Dysfunction - Men who have issues with erectile dysfunction may also experience premature ejaculation. This is generally due to the anxiety over the first problem, which can lead to the second.
  • Biological Causes - Some men find that premature ejaculation has a direct biological link that is easy to treat. This might include a hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems or infection in the urethra or prostate. When the underlying

    medical condition is cured, premature ejaculation is no longer a problem.

In some cases, a direct cause of premature ejaculation is not found. In these situations, treatment focuses on the symptom rather than managing the underlying problem. There are many options in treating premature ejaculation, and a combination of methods is often the most effective approach.


Premature Ejaculation Treatment 


The good news is that premature ejaculation can be effectively treated in the majority of cases. It may require a visit to the doctor to find the best treatment options. The following are some of the most common treatments used:


Prevention Techniques 

In many cases, men are counseled in prevention techniques to try to control when ejaculation occurs. Self distraction, start and stop methods, and squeeze techniques are all options to try when you are in the midst of a sexual experience with your partner.


Self distraction involves taking a deep breath and trying to focus on something else when arousal levels heighten. The start and stop method teaches you to move away from your partner and relax your body as you become too aroused. You can repeat this process a number of times to prolong the sexual experience. The squeeze technique involves firmly squeezing the tip of the penis for a few seconds to stifle the urge to ejaculate and prolong the experience.



Premature ejaculation is more than a physical problem. In some cases, anxiety and other emotional issues can cause the problem in the first place. Other times, the issue of premature ejaculation can raise anxiety levels or result in tension within the relationship. In either case, sexual counseling may be helpful in overcoming the underlying psychological roadblocks.



Medication is also very effective in regards to premature ejaculation treatement. While anti-depressants have not been officially approved for this purpose, one of the side effects of these medicines is delayed orgasm. Doctors can help patients use this side effect to their advantage in dealing with premature ejaculation. Another medication used for this purpose is Enlast. Enlast is a topical anesthetic that dulls the sensation in the penis for a period of time so that ejaculation is delayed. Click below to learn more.




If you and your partner are becoming frustrated with recurring premature ejaculation, there is hope available. Talk to your doctor about the problem and ask him if Enlast is right for you. A single product may make all the difference in keeping premature ejaculation under control and enjoying a more satisfying sex life.


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premature ejaculation treatment


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