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-Nail Fungus Treatment-


The nails provide important protection to the tissue of the fingers and toes underneath. They can also show telltale signs of a number of health problems. One of the most common health issues that affect the nail bed is nail fungus. While nail fungus is fairly common, it can also be challenging to treat. Your best defense is to learn about what nail fungus is and how you can rid the infection once and for all. Homeopathic Zeta Clear can help. Zeta Clear is a breakthrough anti fungal solution that kills nail fungus on contact leaving you with healthy, beautiful nails on both your hands and feet. Click the image above to learn how it works.


What is Nail Fungus


Nail fungus is an infection that occurs in the nails of the fingers or toes. The specific fungus that causes this infection is known as onychomycosis. It nail fungus curegenerally begins at the tip of the nail and is most commonly seen on the toes. Nail fungus is particularly common in patients with diabetes or others with compromised immune systems. In these cases, the patient will need to see a doctor to effectively treat the condition.


The symptoms of nail fungus are often mistaken for other conditions like athlete's foot or ringworm. The growth typically begins with a white or yellow spot that appears on the tip of the nail and then spreads as the fungus grows. Once the infection has begun, symptoms might include:

  • A nail that is thick and dull, with no surface shine
  • Crumbly or brittle nails
  • Nails that are distorted or mis-shapen
  • Discoloration from fungal buildup under the nail






If any of these symptoms appear, it is best to use Zeta Clear as soon as possible. Nail fungus treatment is much more effective when begun early in the infection. Unfortunately, many people wait too long and have to visit a physician because the infection becomes more difficult to treat. Keep in mind it can become potentially dangerous in patients with autoimmune disorders or diabetes, so under those circumstances further medical treatments may be inevitable.


What Causes Nail Fungus


nail fungus cureMost nail fungus occurs in dark, moist environments, where these micro-organisms grow contently. This is why people typically experience nail fungus on their toes more often than their fingers, as feet are usually confined to shoes that can become damp or sweaty. You can also pick up a nail fungus in public showers and pools, especially if you have small cuts on your feet.


People with diabetes are particularly susceptible to nail fungus because decreased blood flow to the lower extremities can make it more difficult for the immune system to fight off the infection.


nail fungus cureCan You Prevent Nail Fungus


There are steps you can take to prevent nail fungus:

  • Keep your nails trimmed and clean
  • Wear cotton socks and ventilated shoes to prevent  perspiration
  • Wear flip flops in public showers and around pools
  • Wear rubber gloves if your hands spend a lot of time in the water
  • Use caution when selecting a salon for manicures and pedicures

While these steps won't eliminate the possibility of a nail fungus completely, it will greatly reduce your chances of becoming infected.


Nail fungus can be a stubborn and unsightly problem to manage. Use Zeta Clear nail fungus treatment at first sign of infection to rapidly increase healing and better your chances of beating the infection right from the start. Click the link below to learn more about Zeta Clear's breakthrough ingredients and learn how you can get a two month supply absolutely FREE!


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