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Hemorrhoids occur in nearly half of all adults by the time they reach the age of 50. In most cases, hemorrhoids are not considered serious. However, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor if you experience symptoms of hemorrhoids, since these symptoms sometimes indicate another condition. Learn the facts about hemorrhoids so you can understand what they look like and why they occur. Below is a chart of the best three natural hemorrhoid treatments on the market today.



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What are Hemorrhoids


hemorrhoid treatmentHemorrhoids are veins in the anal area that become inflamed and swell up. In some cases, the veins are located outside the anus and are known as external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside the anal canal. In some cases, patients can experience both internal and external hemorrhoids at the same time. Hemorrhoid treatments for each condition will vary based on where the hemorrhoids are located, which means it is important to understand the difference between the two different types.


What Causes Hemorrhoids 


hemorrhoid treatmentThe stretching and bulging of these veins is usually the result of pressure placed on the anus. This pressure can be due to straining during bowel movements, spending too much time on the toilet, or chronic diarrhea. People who are overweight or pregnant are more inclined to get hemorrhoids. In some cases, reversing the causes of the condition will prevent or effectively manage hemorrhoids. For example, adding fiber to the diet, taking a stool softener, or drinking more water can keep stools soft enough to prevent straining that leads to this condition.


What are the Symptoms 


hemorrhoid treatmentSymptoms of hemorrhoids can vary considerably from person to person. Some may not know they have hemorrhoids because they don't experience visible symptoms. Others might find bright red blood on their stools or when they wipe. In some cases, hemorrhoids cause discomfort and itching, particularly external hemorrhoids. If you experience bleeding when you use the toilet, it is a good idea to see your doctor about the cause. While hemorrhoids are rarely serious, other conditions that can lead to bleeding, like anal or colorectal cancer, need to be treated as soon as possible.


How are Hemorrhoids Diagnosed


hemmorhoid treatmentA doctor will usually make a diagnosis of hemorrhoids based on a patient's description of symptoms and questions about his diet and bowel habits. External hemorrhoids can be seen on the surface of anus. With internal hemorrhoids, a rectal exam will often be necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. If this test is not sufficient, a doctor may order additional tests like a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. These tests are generally only done if another cause of the bleeding is suspected.


What Can be Done 


Hemorrhoids are rarely serious, but they can be uncomfortable. If the hemorrhoids cause pain or itching, hemorroid treatments like the ones below can keep irritating symptoms at bay. These treatments are usually used for no longer than a week at a time. The patient may also receive dietary recommendations designed to soften stools and regulate bowel habits. By following a doctor's recommendations in terms of diet, water intake and exercise, most patients only require hemorrhoid treatments for a short period of time. Click below and see what hemorrhoid treatment suits your own personal needs.




hemorrhoid treatmentsIn extreme cases, the doctor may recommend surgical treatment for hemorrhoids. There are two types of surgical procedures that are commonly used to treat hemorrhoids. The first, rubber band ligation, is generally considered the most effective. With this procedure, tiny bands are placed around the base of the hemorrhoid to cut off blood flow. The hemorrhoid gradually wastes away and falls off on its own. Another procedure used for hemorrhoid treatment is an injection method known as sclerotherapy. This procedure involves injecting a chemical solution into the hemorrhoid to shrink it. Sclerotherapy can be less effective than rubber band ligation, but it is more comfortable for the patient.


If you are experiencing symptoms of hemorrhoids, the three treatments above are your absolute best defense to regain normality again. Begin using hemorrhoid treatments at first sign of symptoms to avoid having to undergo painful surgeries to correct such a simple issue.


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