Bladder Control Problems 

Below is a diagram of the male and female urinary system. The bladder (outlined in yellow) resembles something of a balloon with hose like tubes emerging from each one. There is also a system of muscle surrounding each bladder. Over time and for many various other reasons, these muscles may become week and therefore result in a loss of bladder control.

bladder control problems

Now Theres Flotrol Bladder Control Supplement


Years ago there really wasn't much you could do for bladder control problems. People suffering from an overactive bladder would either need the protection of an adult undergarment or schedule their day around having prompt access to a washroom.

bladder control problemsFlotrol is an all natural bladder supplement created especially for mature adults. A normal healthy bladder is able to retain approximately 500 ml of liquid before having to release. During normal urination there are elastic type rings commonly known as sphincters that expand and contract. This in turn, either begins or restricts the flow of urine. When this takes place the walls of the bladder engage in the same expand-contract activity. It is imperative that these muscles stay toned and strong to reduce the chances of bladder control problems starting or becoming worse.

     Flotrols Natural Ingredients Help Strengthen These Muscles

Its true! Not only does Flotrol exercise a unique relaxing effect on the bladder but it also strengthens the muscles that are so important in maintaining healthy bladder control.
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The 2 most important ingredients that make Flotrol such a powerful bladder control supplement are soy germ extract and lipid-free pumpkin seed extract. These ingredients have been used as far back as the 16th century to battle bladder control problems. It was soon noted that when combined together in certain doses they were proven to be extremely beneficial in controlling bladder leakage as well as urinary tract health.

 bladder control-clinical studiesProven Clinical Studiesbladder control-clinical studies

A clinical study was conducted with several people that were suffering from bladder control problems. They were all bladder control problems-clinical studiesadministered a tablet containing these two breakthrough ingredients.  Urination frequency as well as emergency episodes were both documented. After only one week there was decreased bathroom use as well as significant improvements within the health of each persons urinary tract. The second week showed further success and compared to pre-trial observations, continued to show exceptional improvements throughout the sixth week.

Do Not Cut Down On Water Consumption

 bladder control problems...water consumptionA lot of people that have an overactive bladder think that if they cut down on the amount of water they consume in a day it will aid in helping their problem. This is simply an unhealthy practice. Do not do this. There is a little rule of thumb for healthy water consumption. Take your current body weight (in lbs.) and cut it in half. Take that number and convert it into ounces. That number is how many ounces of water you should be consuming each day. For instance if you weigh 100lbs. then you should drink at least 50 ounces (approximately 6 glasses) of water per day for optimal consumption. Try to stay away from products that contain caffeine or alcohol...these will only make things worse. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics and will only make you frequent the bathroom more often. Water aids in the proper function of cells within our bodies. It brings nutrients in and carries toxins out. Not drinking enough water leaves your liver and kidneys overloaded with toxins, which in turn can cause infections. A good test to see if your drinking enough water is by the checking the color of your urine. It sould be colorless or a pale yellow. A bright yellow is no cause for concern as that probably means you have a lot of vitamin B within your system.

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